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and what he/she want as a exchange ? money ? or some rare items ? In Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver, there are a variety of move Teachers.

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MOVE REMINDER - Teaches your pokemon a move that it could have learned through leveling-up. In this way   "Which move should I teach?" Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver. When the player first speaks to him. "Me?

In HeartGold & SoulSilver, give to Move Relearner in Blackthorn City to learn a move in your Pokémon's level up list which it has since forgotten. In Black & White, give to Move Relearner in Mistralton City to learn a move in your Pokémon's level up list which it has since forgotten.

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Move reminder soulsilver

Details: The Move Reminder is possibly one of the most important Move Tutors in the game.

Open the app and tap the list you want to add a reminder to, or tap Add List to create a new list of reminders.
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Move reminder soulsilver

Accepted Answer. If the move is able to be learned through the natural level up process by the Aerodactyl, which in this case i think you are reffering to a move that is learned at level one, then it should be able to learn it without a problem as long as you pay the tutor a heart scale. User Info: PokemonVeteran.

He is positioned right next to the Move Deleter, so you can v.1.05 is a good hack so far. Only one bug to report, the GB Sounds bugged out for me during the Radio Tower incident with Team Rocket. The classic music and the modern music would overlap one another, and if you left the GB Sounds on the music would cut off completely eventually.
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Switchposting : Just a reminder that today is the 10th anniversary of

Reminder: How to schedule office moves on campus Denise Parrish 1 min read April 27, 2021 The Facilities team would like to remind office managers and supervisors at Augusta University that the procedure for requesting Moving Services has changed . If you're ready to Mooove, Im ready to help you! Call me at 717-503-7710 A guide on how to properly use the move Sketch. If you do not feel like leveling Smeargle up, you can have Smeargle relearn Sketch via the Move Relearner. "Iwata Asks – Pokémon HeartGold Version & SoulSilver Version" publically usable (specifically: the Move Relearner, automatic box switching, Gen VI money   On your Water Pokémon, an Ice Move is heavily recommended to make Lance..

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Can you relearn moves in Black/White, and where? Move relearner?

Where can I relearn a move in Pokemon Platinum?